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10 weeks 4 days……Drumroll…..Thunder………Crash!

Sooooo. C-Dub’s job just told him to go ahead and clean out his desk this morning, and just go on home.  Mind you, this is after he has spent the gas money to get there.( Yeah, I know gas is now cheaper, but when someone is now UNEMPLOYED, you can’t take any $ for granted.)  Needless to say, I was thrown into a tailspin.  I thought I had 3 more paychecks to prepare for this possibility!  Damn, DAMN DAMN!!!!!!


New pregnancy symptoms to report:

1)I have grown out of my shirts.  Now, as of last week, I just stopped wearing bras.  They were getting irritating.   But then, when I put on a shirt for Church yesterday, I couldn’t close it.  Hmmm.  Then another, and another.  No bra(except the ones where your boobs are halfway out anyway) seemed to fit.  And then, the ultimate:

C-Dub(as I pass by him in a tight tee shirt sans bra):”Damn, your tit’s are HUGE!”


Now, I have to spend some money for bigger bras. (sign, grumble, sign)

2)  I have no sex drive.  Now, let me say that this is unprecedented.  As C-Dub will tell you, I am OVERSEXED.  I had no problem with BDing all the time while TTC, because, I REALLY LIKE SEX.  And to top it off, I REALLY LIKE SEX WITH C-DUB.   This is a problem.  I am hoping it’s just because i have had the same cold for 4 weeks and I am always tired.  God help me if the 2nd trimester isn’t any different.

On the bright side:


blogaward Browneyedgirl has given me a blog award!!!!! It’s my first!!! LOL!

I am passing this award on to the following ladies!

The Mrs




                                       Thoughts of a Southern Girl       


5 Fabulous addictions:

1. Really bad reality TV.  I know, I know, but watching how F***ed up someone else is brightens my day sometimes.

2. Facebook.  I mean really. Who knew?

3. My hubby.  C-dub is fabulous.  Even jobless.  And that is saying something. Why, I want to rip his clothes off right now….wait, I don’t have  sex drive…….

4.Oatmeal Cookies.  The soft ones. HMMMMMMMMMMMM

5. Planners/Calenders.  I have one on my laptop, one on my blackberry and 2 paper ones.  I am salivating about adding another for the new year.  Need I say more?

Here are the rules to receiving this award:

1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs in a post.

2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in the post.

3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions below in the post.

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    November 25, 2008 at 12:18 pm

    I’m sorry to hear about C-Dub’s job, I still think it’s a blessing in disguise. And thanks for the blog award. It’s my first too!

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