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2 week wait??

So, I think I ovulated yesterday.  TMI here, but I had no CM this morning and my temp was up.  Still not up high, but definitely up.  I am breathing a sign of relief.  I was getting worried there.  I am going to take another OPK in a few minutes just to double check to see if it’s still as dark as yesterday.  Now, I can only cross my fingers for  the next two weeks.  It weird though.  On the one hand, I don’t want to be pregnant this month, but on the other hand, nothing would make me happier.  I do want to loose about 5 or 10 more pounds at least.  That would mean that I couldn’t get pregnant until next month.  If I am not pregnant this month, I think next month I will come out with all guns blazing.  this means charting, drinking grapefruit juice, taking Musenex, OPK’s and maybe the Fertility monitor.  hmmmmm, we’ll see.  But for now, Positive thinking!!!!!

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