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I ovulated!!! YEAH!!!!!!

So both FF and the TCOYF finally gave me solid cross hairs and “O” days( yes, you can tell I am obsessed because I use TWO count um TWO softwares to track my period.)  So I am CD3 today. Both agree that I o’d on Tuesday.  But I am concerned that my temps are not going up like I would like.    But whatever,I ovulated.  And I know I did because of the copious amouts of EWCM I noted and the fact that I actually checked my own cervix and found it open. (amazing that even though I check cervix’s for a living, checking my own was confusing!)  C-Dub and I did the wild thing 2 days before, the day of and 2 days after.   I was on the every other day plan. 🙂

Yes, the coochie is worn out.

I did use the preseed though.  That’s some interesting stuff.  But you have to put it in at least 45 minutes before, or you get this really slippery, icky feeling. 


Anyway, the first week in the land of infertility was interesting to say the least.   I now totally feel like I should just shut up and keep it moving.  Some of these women have been through entrirely more than anyone should to get a baby.  And others………..well, lets just say that while I agree that anyone who wants to be a mommy should get the chance, when is enough enough?  When has your body, your mind, your spirit and your pocketbook had enough?  I don’t think some of these women have a limit.  And that worries me.  We had a paitient today who had been going to them for 10 years.  Her adorable twin boys were her reward for her preserverance.   But do most of us have the stamina, the peace of mind, or in this economy, the money to go there?

C-Dub asked me the other day if i would want to do IUI or IVF if it came down to it.  I said Yes.  He couldn’t believe that I would really want to spend that kind of money.  While I agree that we can’t afford it right now, later……who knows? I honestly can’t tell him that I wouldn’t  do it.  That I wouldn’t be still trying 10 years from now. 

A lot to think about.

Hopefully, it will be all be just a thought.  Hopefully…………

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