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Today at work, I had the pleasure of taking care of my friend while she was being induced to have her baby.  This is the same friend whose baby shower I went to the day after my D&C.  She had 2 miscarriages and is finally having a baby.  I wish I could say that I didn’t feel envious.  I can’t. I AM glad though, that I didn’t feel animosity, hate, nastiness, or any of those other things that I tend to start feeling every now and then when taking care of a patient.  Her pregnancy going to term gives me hope.  It’s the reason I went to her baby shower, and it’s the reason I asked agreed to be her nurse while she was in labor.  We even joked about how she would take care of me when I got pregnant again.  She’s a true friend. (sniff sniff)

Hmmm,  I’m making jokes about when i get pregnant again.

C-Dub has made his way up to DC to see our president get inaugurated next Tuesday.  I didn’t want to go because A) the crowds B) it’s going to be cold as hell and C) I grew up in DC, and if I was still there, I still wouldn’t be going.  and finally D) Someone’s got to work. 

But I am proud of our new president elect!  I freely admit to being a groupie.  I can’t wait for Tuesday to be over so that he can get to work.  I need a stimulus.  I need to be stimulated!!!

And finally, today is CD3 of my new cycle.  Kind of  a weird AF.  It started off spotting, went on to full fledged bleeding(I’m talking about going through super tampons AND a pad in 2 hours.)  And now I’m on to light bleeding.  Sorry if that’s TMI.  But this is a TTC blog!  I am excited for AF to be over so we can start BDing to make a baby!

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    January 18, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    That is great that your hubby went to DC. I totally agree with you on the reasons not to go. I will have to remember to add Obama in our prayers. People are desparate and crazy these days- no telling what could happen. Well whatever he does I hope he can stay in there another 4 years as he can’t clean up 8 years of mess in 4 years… it always takes twice as long to clean up vs. mess up. He really did step into the pit with being Pres. right now. Bush has left us in a horrible situation and I am soooo glad he is gone! Whew! Well I hope the BDing goes well and that we will hear some good news about your pregnancy soon. You really are a good friend. I feel selfish talking to my friend about my unhappiness in pregnancy (it is there sometimes) because she is so bitter about not being able to have a baby and everyone else “seems” to have no problem. Good friends are hard to come by, you are a keeper! 🙂

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