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Cycle #12

Cycle #12. 

I never thought I would be here.  When I saw the BFN, I was sad.  But hey, I thought to myself, it’s still early.  But later that day, AF showed in full force.  I feel…..numb.  BD was timed perfectly this month.  I did everything right.  I have nothing left. 

Now, for the next two months, I really won’t be trying.  A break imposed by distance from C-Dub.  I’ll be home the first of November(right around election day).  I’ll make my “I’ve been TTC for over one year, now what’s wrong with me,” appointment with my new OB ( new insurance). 

On the bright side, no temping, no OPK’s, no obsessing on did I BD at the right time or not.  No IPS, no 2WW, no BFN’s. 

On the really bright side, my vacation starts in 8 days.  We are going on a 7 day cruise!  And since there was a BFN, I can drink all the lemon drop martini’s that I want!

Got to look on the positive side.  Got to STAY POSITIVE!

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    September 14, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but definitely STAY POSITIVE! Enjoy the time off with C-Dub, you guys deserve this break. =)

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