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Day 21 and counting…..

Soooo,  it’s day 21 in this 9th cycle and no sign of ovulation.  I mean, come on body!!!!  What is going on!!! I never ovulate this late!  Usually, it’s around day 17 or 18.  I am so confused this cycle.  I guess it’s my fault for saying I wasn’t going to chart anything or pay attention this cycle and then changing my mind and becoming more obsessed than ever.  Geez.  I am stalking the message boards and other blogs and generally driving myself insane. 

FF(fertility friend) had originally said that I ovulated on day 11.  I did an OPK and even that was ambiguous by not being positive, but not quite negative either!  Then, it was negative negative negative around the time I regularly ovulate.  I’ve been seeing all kinds of CM but today, I really did see Egg White!  I peeded on a OPK and a quick faint line appeared.  Am I getting ready to ovulate now???  Did I already ovulate?  Why aren’t my temps going up?  On the other hand, I feel cramps like my AF is coming on.  See what I mean!! I am so confused!!! Should I have sex tonight? 

And there ladies and gentlemen is the problem.  When did having sex with my husband become solely about will it get me pregnant?  That’s why I was supposed to be taking a break this summer. But noooooo……

I need something to happen though, or I am really going to loose my mind.

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