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Hope still alive…..Post O Day 11

Soooo.  She’s still not here.  I did see a little spotting yesterday, so I wasn’t that hopeful, but none today!  My temps went back up a little.  I am still having a little cramping, but not that much.  The cramping sort of gives me hope because I never, ever have cramping except on the 2nd day of my cycle when it comes on full force.  HMMMMMMMMMMMM.   But I don’t know whether or not to continue to be hopeful.  I want to be, but I don’t want to be devastated yet again when AF shows and then I go to work and see baby after baby after baby being born.  I was at work yesterday and my patient said, “All my children are unexpected.  My husband just looks at me and I’m pregnant.”  You know, it’s comments like those that make me want to change jobs!  If this keeps up any longer, I am going to have to.  How can I be compassionate and caring when I just want to cry every time I see someone else giving birth?

Sign.  Enough of that.  It’s too early to be depressed.  🙁

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