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IPS? RPS? Or is it all in my head?

Sooooo.   Here I am, post O day nine, and my nipples are on FIRE!!!!  I mean, I have never, ever ever in my life been this uncomfortable.  I mean, I have always been kind of perky( excuse me if that was TMI).  But this is ridiculous! IPS?  RPS? 

On the other hand, my face is breaking out like there is no tommorrow( jeez, 4 new pimples in 24 hours!) I feel like a teenager! Wait, my acne wasn’t even this bad as a teenager!  I miss birth control!  I had perfect, beautiful skin!  Now, I have marks, and whiteheads and black heads… get the point. But this is usually a sign that AF is on the way.

My craving for salty things has returned( another AF sign.)

The obsession continues for at least another 5 days…….

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