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First off, I want to thank everyone who sent well wishes and positive thoughts my way.

I REALLY appreciate it.

It really was the best birthday of my life.  And C-Dub went to the 2nd interview and now, he was the only candidate they called back for a 3rd interview.  Wow.  This is the job that, if he got it, would put us in a whole new tax bracket. 

 I. Can’t. Even. Conceive. It.

And speaking of C-Dub, where is my sex drive?  I’ve been looking for her, but she still can’t understand the purpose of having sex, if there is no baby to conceive.  Will this pass? God I hope so, or I will have one uptight, upset, horny husband.  He said he is already tired of Rosie Palmer and her 5 sisters.

But in the biggest news of the last 48 hours…………

I will be eight weeks tomorrow, and morning sickness has decided to come and settle in.

But it’s not morning sickness.  It’s all day sickness.  ALL day sickness.  What the hell is this morning sickness shit?  This is a all day event, from the time my eyes open, till I go to sleep at night.  I feel horrible.  I almost feel at least if I could just hurl, I would feel so much better.  But noooooooo, my stomach just swims all day.  ALL DAY.

I report all this with a HUGE smile on my face.

Sick isn’t it! But they say that morning sickness means a healthy pregnancy!

Excuse me while I go and drink a ginger ale with my saltines……….


Friday 17th of April 2009

Wonderful news, well except for your sex drive.=)

I'm so excited for you and C-Dub. Everything is falling into plan an it will all work according to His plan.


Friday 17th of April 2009

Don't stress too much about the lack of sex drive. A lot of women just feel too icky during the first trimester to get busy. I've heard of some reporting increased sex drives in the second trimester, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, tell hubby to be patient! He's not going to wither and die just 'cuz he hasn't gotten any booty lately. ;)

And hooray for all day sickness! Keep on throwin up, girl!


Thursday 16th of April 2009

I am sooo happy for you... congrats to hubby- 3rd interview- diff. tax bracket- scared of you all. God has awesome timing... let me just say that morning sickness is some b.s. my sickness occurs anytime Mr. Jayden ain't happy- if he is hungry I will get sick, moves a lot, or just doesn't want food. I am still puking up stuff because my gag reflex is sooo bad... and I am 32 weeks! I am keeping bladder infections too... which means pills- which = puking b/c of the gag reflex. I am so glad to be able to go through the process but I am ready for my healthy baby and my old body back! :) Treasure the good moments and keep the ginger ale, water, and saltines close by girlie!