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Not that into it.

Nothing new in baby making news.  I guess I am in the “Waiting to O” stage.  I was saying that I was going to take Musinex this month to increase EWCM, but I don’t know.  I don’t feel like being bothered.  I haven’t taken my temps in the last two days, and I had a ton of Tequila at a friend’s house last night(she is going through a nasty divorce, and needed it!).  I am sort of ambivalent right now about this cycle.  I’m almost at the “who cares” stage.  But I do want to know if I ovulate.  But that’s about all. 

 For some reason, this last cycle took a lot out of me emotionally and mentally.  I want to take a break, but I am so obsessive compulsive about all of this that I literally cannot do it!  I say I’m going to take a break from the message boards, and I just keep going back.  The boards are a double edged sword. They can be very supportive, very informative, and very depressing. 

So, I’m kind of in limbo.  I’m trying to redirect my focus towards weight loss.  I am telling myself that weight loss should be the priority, that it will make me a healthier person overall, and therefore help me to have a healthy pregnancy.  But my brain recognizes bullshit.  Exercise does help with the stress. 

Anyway, that’s all for now.

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