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Wordful Wednesday

Wordful Wednesday: Packing up.

christmas black and white, wordful wednesday

So, you see the Christmas tree behind him? I was worrying all about how I was going to pack up, move, and put up that Christmas tree again before Christmas. Well, finally, CDub came to his senses and we get to stay here for Christmas and move the week after.

Whew *wipes sweat off of brow*

I was NOT looking forward to that.  I haven’t packed a thing,and I admit that it’s procrastination and the overwhelming thought of it all.

We’ve got a LOT of stuff we’ve acquired in the 7 years we’ve been in this house.

But now,my mom( the master organizer) will be here the week I move.

*happy dance*

Anyhoo, Happy Wednesday. I’m off to get paint samples today and price painters and carpet cleaners and movers.

Oh Joy.


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