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5 Photo Ideas for Back To School!

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As promised, here are 5 Photo ideas for Back to School. Click the Image to download so you can create those back to school memories!


If you want to learn more about Photography, Check out my Photography 101: Intro to Shooting in Manual Series!

  • Do you have a awesome camera that is stuck in auto mode because you don't know how to use it? It is time to take your camera off of auto and learn to shoot in manual mode! This series will break down the how and the why of shooting in manual mode and get you off auto and on to beautiful photos!
    Photography 101: Shoot in Manual Mode
  • shutter speed is one of the most important parts of the exposure triangle. Understanding it can lead to sharp photos every time. Learn more about shooting in manual and shutter speed in this series.
    Photography 101 Shooting in Manual: Shutter Speed
  • Learning to shoot in manual shouldn't be hard! Today we are talking about mastering ISO and why high ISOs are not always a bad thing.
    Photography 101 Shoot in Manual 101: ISO
  • So, what is aperture? Aperture is a part of the exposure triangle that effects depth of field , or how much of the photo is in focus. Part 3 of our series on shooting in manual discusses what is aperture and how to use it.
    Photography 101: Shooting in Manual: Aperture
  • It's time to bring everything you have learned about the exposure triangle together and shoot in manual mode! I
    Get off Auto and Shoot in Manual Mode!


Cant’ wait to see your photos!