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Instagram Better: The Course

Instagram Better

A Plan For Building an Authentic Instagram Community


I know what it’s like to desperately want to build your following and do all the things the gurus advise. You are telling stories in your caption, using Lightroom Presets to create a cohesive feed, you hired a photographer to take high-quality pictures, you post daily, and somehow, you still fall short. 

You’re sick of being…

Disappointed that you’re putting all this hard work on posting and aren’t getting enough clients, brand partners, or sales.Clueless on how to get the new algorithm to cooperate with you so your posts can finally be seen, liked, and commented on.Discouraged that those 20 hashtags aren’t generating any new followers, and if your Instagram stories were a TV show, it would be canceled due to lack of views.Overwhelmed because Instagram feels like a second job and you have nothing to show for your time and effort.

Confused because you don’t know what to post and writing a caption feels like a chore.


What if I taught you the exact workflow that I use on Instagram so you aren’t attached to the app, know how to leverage your analytics, and can create content that your audience drools over and adores?

Instagram is gifting you an audience of billions of potential customers and community members, you have more opportunities to make money than you know. Insta Better will teach you how to create an effective Instagram strategy to grow your following, work with brands, and drive sales from your profile.

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Here’s what you’ll get WHEN YOU SIGN UP

 Lifetime access to Insta Better including all future updates as Instagram evolves and updates throughout the coming months and years.Various tools and resources like homework assignments, downloadables,printables, and prompts to help you dive deep into making a personalized strategy for your brand.

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“I think I was on the right track and her suggestions confirmed it. In addition, her suggestions for growth were innovative and as I have followed her recommendations I have seen growth over the past month. I would recommend this to anyone looking for tried and true ways to grow their Instagram”


me holding my canon 6D

Hi! Your name goes here

LaShawn Wiltz is the creator of Everyday Eyecandy where she blogs about motherhood, her life, her passion for capturing everyday moments through photography and trying to find her version of balance through it all. 

She is REALLY passionate about helping everyone live their best instagram life and has spoken everywhere she can on her favorite topic ( Mom 2.O, Flock, Permission to Hustle). 

Based right outside of Atlanta, GA, you can find Lashawn on Instagram, capturing the beauty in life’s everyday moments, documenting her days as a wife and mom with half finished coffee in one hand and her camera in the other.

Before Insta Better, my students are
often struggling with:

  • Not seeing any results with their posts which results in no activity on their website or blog.
  • Using the wrong hashtags and not getting any new eyes on their posts.
  • Understanding how to be strategic online so that they are posting with a purpose.

With my course you will finally be able to:

  • Implement an Instagram strategy that will get you engagement and payments
  • Build your brand using Instagram stories, live streams, IGVT and your feed.
  • Build and nurture a community of super fans on Instagram who are ready to buy from you.

We’ve all been there..


I’ve always known that Instagram was an important marketing channel for my businesses, but at first, I didn’t know how to use it to grow my blog. I tried a lot of things that didn’t work:

I had an “if I build it, they will come.” mentality and was posting a lot with little engagement

Then, I got burned out being consistent, so I didn’t post as frequently or at all and lost that connection with my audience.

I used every hashtag I could think of, expecting that would help me grow my following and instead, I got spam comments and lost followers.

Honestly, I felt like a complete failure. I wanted to work with brands and get paid for my content, but I didn’t have a clear strategy or process to follow. I finally started using my analytics and the apps pro-Instagrammers use to create a system that increased my engagement, following and revenue. That’s the same process I will teach you!

Get lifetime access to everything in the course for a one-time payment of only $99

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I love Instagram and see the value of it but so often I don’t know what to post or if I’m doing the right thing. The course was everything I needed to take my Instagram account from an inconsistent, hesitant feed to something that is cohesive and me! I’ve received more engagement, followers, and brands wanting to work with me just for my IG. I love how now I have a direction for an overall plan but also specific.” Aaronica | @thecrunchymommy

The Instagram Better Curriculum Includes…

Module 1: Developing a Purpose Filled Foundation

Before you start to develop your strategy, we will first help you define your account and understand the audience you are posting for. During this module, you will audit your profile in order to understand where you are and how to move forward.

  • Define what you want out of Instagram
  • FINALLY define your voice and learn to STAY IN YOUR LANE
  • Worksheet to help you understand your niche, who your target audience is, and what to post.

Module 2: Understanding the ever changing Algorithm

  • How the Instagram Algorithm REALLY works
  • Learn how YOUR behaviour is killing your reach
  • Break down the Do’s and Don’ts of working with the Algorithm

Module 3: Creating Value Through Visuals

  • Posting is more than just photos.
  • Define your visual brand  
  • Create a cohesive look  

Module 4: Develop a Plan: Your Content Matters

  • Why posting on the fly doesn’t work anymore
  • Which content type is guaranteed to bring you more engagement
  • Develop a plan for a Cohesive Feed.

Module 5: Why Engagement is KING and how to increase Yours

  • How to get your current followers to see and engage with your content
  • The ONE thing that Always increases your engagement
  • Checklist to of things to do EVERY TIME YOU POST.

Module 6: Hashtag Better

  • Use Hashtags the RIGHT way ( with a hashtag cheat sheet)
  • How to find the best hashtags for YOUR account

Module 7: Instagram Stories, IGTV and IG Live

  • Figure out our Instagram Story Stragtegy
  • Instagram Stories Tips and tricks 
  • Best apps 
  • Why IGTV and IG Live matters
  • Ideas for content for IGTV 
  • How to do an engaging IG Live

Imagine if you could

Know what steps to take to improve your brand presence on Instagram.

Continuously gain followers who are interested in your brand and your products.

Easily implement an effective and efficient workflow that won’t eat a lot of your time.

Dramatically increase your sales with your Instagram account.


Get it now for only $99!

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