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Instagram Strategy Reports

Instagram Strategy Reports

An in depth look at your Instagram Account and a plan to optimize your account immediately.  

Do you often look at your Instagram account and wonder how you can improve it? Do you post to crickets and wonder why no one is engaging with your content? Are you running out of patience and just want to give up? 

Does any of this sound familiar?  

What if you could…

Get an in depth, personalized look into your account:  

  • Your profile
  • Your bio description
  • Your posting schedule
  • Your content,
  • Your use of hashtags

And get tips that you can implement immediately to improve your account?


Instagram Strategy Reports are now available!

Get your Instagram Strategy Reports now and get a comprehensive plan that you need to  optimize your Instagram profile immediately.

Here’s what you’ll get

A written report with detailed analysis on your profile, your photos, your captions, hashtag uses and what you can do to improve your account AND a one hour call to discuss the report and give you time to pick my brain!

Basically, you get my undivided attention on your account along with a plan to help you improve your account specifically for your chosen audience. I will help you! 

  • Detailed analysis of your account
  • Suggestions for your profile, your content, hashtags and more.
  • Homework and a plan to help you move your account in the direction you want it to go.
  • A call after you receive your report to go over any questions that you might have.
  • And ANOTHER follow up call in 6 weeks to see how it’s going and to follow up!

 My Instagram has been stagnant and at one point I just stopped posting. I couldn’t quite figure out the aesthetic, the focus or even several themes. I couldn’t connect the dots between the things I love, that they actual matter to the people that follow me and how to share those things in a cohesive way on IG. But then I bought LaShawn’s Instagram Better Course and got to work on learning how Instagram really works. It was so good, i jumped at the chance to sign up for her strategy report + consultation. I’m blown away by the level of detail my report contains and how without saying much, LaShawn was able to put exactly what has been in my head on paper and in a plan   I have my strategy report in hand and I’m looking forward to implementing the rest of the plan. It’s easy to say what you want to do but having it spelled out on paper by someone who is passionate about Instagram and knows her stuff makes it real. Thanks to LaShawn and her Instagram Strategy report, I’m ready to up my IG game. 

“MJ Jacks|

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I get Started?

Simply sign up for report! Once you are signed up, tell me your instagram handle and in 7 business days you will have your comprehensive report. . 

How Long Do I have access to the Report?
Forever, it’s yours.


So like about a year ago, after I got my ass handed to me ?  by LaShawn when I had her evaluate my Instagram, (which was worth every penny BTW), I changed how I shared on IG and how I thought about who I wanted to be in the Internet world.

I think before, I thought I had to be like everyone else. Go to the same events as everyone else. Share my happy mail. Talk about being authentic but on a shallow level. I think I was basically being an influencer/blogger for other bloggers and influencers and not growing an audience/community.

Anyway, so I went away from that and started to be more me in stories and captions and it’s paid off. I feel like I have an audience who wants to listen to me.     @lovestalgia

Limited availability!

Because these reports are so comprehensive, I am limiting myself to 10 a month.  

“I love Instagram and see the value of it but so often I don’t know what to post or if I’m doing the right thing. The analysis and report that I received from Lashawn was everything I needed to take my Instagram account from an inconsistent, hesitant feed to something that is cohesive and me! The feedback kept my goals in mind for my account and was catered to my personal and professional style. So the report was great but what happened after I got my report was better. I’ve received more engagement, followers, and brands wanting to work with me just for my IG. I love how now I have direction for an overall plan but also specific tasks that I’m doing daily, weekly and monthly to continue to smash my goals.”  

Aaronica B Cole | 

I want to help!!!!

Let me help you to build a plan to build a wonderfully engaged community

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