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It seems that I have ovulated.  Ovulated? So early? What is going on?  If my luteal phase stays regular(as regular as it can be) I will have a 24-25 day cycle.  How odd.  I did have one short cycle one time before.  But I put that off as a fluke.  Hmmmmm.  Well, we did BD the day before and the day after O, but still……I wasn’t expecting it so soon.  I thought this week was the week. Hmmmm.  Plus high temps were at off times.  I did wake up really late Saturday and Sunday, but still took my temps because I had been sleeping the whole time.  Then, this morning at the regular time, it was back down.  Still above the “cover line” but not as high as the others.  Hmmmmmmm.  My body confuses me.   Plus now, I have to start my “don’t do in the 2WW things early!”.  Well, we’ll see.

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