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So, yesterday, I started bleeding.  Heavily.  And I passed what was big enough to be something.  The bleeding slowed down, but cramping started.  But when I went see Dr K(one of my favorite MDs  He has a wicked sense of humor just like me, and does wonderful work), they did an ultrasound and everything was still there.  Which was good, because C-Dub was having last minute doubts and wanted to make sure.  Good Lord.

So anyway, went in for the D&C this morning, had lovely lovely IV meds before the surgery, went in the OR……….

The last thing I remember was talking to the nurse about working in the OR again, and anesthesia putting the mask over my face  to start getting me ready for the general anesthesia.  Then I was awake in the PACU. 

All in all it was quick and painless.  I’ve seen a D&C before, so i was a little concerned about pain afterwards.  I feel a little cramping on and off, but other than that, nothing.  I am spotting too, but nothing heavy.  Oh and I am still very very tired.  All the drugs.  They gave me so many drugs before the surgery that I felt like I had had about 4 lemon drop martini’s. Very good.  After that, I didn’t care what they were doing.

I asked Dr K when I could start trying again.  According to Dr K, after I have one whole cycle( a period followed by my usual 30-33 days, then another period), I can start TTC again if I want to.  So, if my period shows back up in January, I have a regular 30-33 day cycle, I should be able to start TTC again in late February or March! Hopefully it won’t take as long.  At least I’ve proven I can get pregnant.  That’s saying something I suppose.

C-Dub and I are trying to see the bright side of all of this.  It’s not that we are “getting over it.”   We’re just trying to find some sense of normalcy for us, and get as close back to that as we possibly can.  C-Dub is still looking for work, but strangely, I love having him home right now.  We will be covered by his severance package this month, and unemployment should kick in next month.  Hopefully, he will find something by then.

But we are trying not be negative and I am trying not to say “woe is me.”  I’ve done the why me, and got no answers, so I am trying to move on from that.  Right now, I am just trying to focus on the things I can do now.  Like: loose the amazing 10 pounds I gained, finish furnishing my 3 year old house, take a pole dancing class, start running, and go natural( no more chemicals in my hair!!!!!).  So, there is hope.  So much hope.

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    December 6, 2008 at 8:40 am

    I’m sorry for what you went through, but I’m glad the D&C went well. Keep thinking positive thoughts!

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    December 6, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    As sorry as I am that you guys are going through this, I’m so happy that ya’ll are doing well.

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