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Ahhh, Christmas is over, and the new year is approaching.

Christmas was……….nice.

My family(not my immediate, but extended) decided to act like asses which meant that I could have kept my butt and my 1 month old at home, but after I got over that injustice, it was a nice day.  Food was AWSOME.  Baby boy was cute. 🙂

So we stayed the weekend, and are getting ready to go home in the next few hours.  I would have liked to have stayed another day, but I have to go to yet another worthless workshop at the department of  labor so I can continue to get my government check until my new job starts, and….

I have another interview in the afternoon.

What you say?  I can see you all scratching your heads saying,

“But she has a job.”

Yes, I do, but one of my old jobs called about that part-time position I wanted.  Now the position is nights, but it includes BENEFITS.

And the time is guaranteed. Unlike the other job, where just 3 shifts are guaranteed.  It is two nights a week, which really isn’t that bad.  But do I want to do it?  I don’t know.  I’m trying to work out the pros and cons of both jobs.  I don’t want to work nights, but I don’t want to spend looong days away from him either!  It’s so much of a dilemma. 

Anyway, I’ve got to get our stuff together. It’s so hard to travel with a baby! It’s just so much stuff(the pack and play, the diaper bag with clothes, the breast pump, the car seat……).  And of course, he wants to eat during that 3 hour drive…….

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