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21 days to financial freedom

Day 1: Breaking Bonds

Today is the first day of my financial fast.  I read a column in the Washington Post by Michelle Singletary.  It’s a great column, always full of financial advise.  Recently, a few people I know decided to read her book, The Power to Prosper, 21 days to financial freedom.  I soooo need financial freedom.  I am tried of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  Peter is BROKE!!!

So for the next 21 days, I will be on a “spending diet”.  No shopping for anything but necessities.  I will not use a credit card and I will severely limit the use of my debit card.  I will mainly use cash for purchases during this fast.    I can only buy essentials.  My biggest problem I think will be deciding what is “essential.”  For instance, is my hair essential?  I am planning on locking my hair this month.  I have been planning this for some time.  I am going for my consultation this week, and hopefully will actually do the deed in the next two weeks.  Is that essential?  I think so, because I have been walking around here with a scarf on my head most of the time. My hair is a hot mess.  It is sooooo not me.   Life cannot continue that way. And what about gifts? Father’s Day is coming.  It’s C-Dub’s first father’s day.  I already have the money set aside for his gift.  Is this essential??  Lots of questions!

My first test will be tonight at work.  I am so used to going to work, eating dinner there, a snack or two, getting a Sprite and maybe ordering carry out in the middle of the night.   Yikes.  That’s at least $6-$15 everytime I go to work.

Ok.  Here we go.

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