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35 weeks

35 weeks down

5 to go.


Had a fly by appointment on Wednesday, nothing new.  I learned that there will be no more ultrasounds unless something is wrong. 🙁

But moving on:

How far along? 35 weeks today.
Total Weight Gain? Let’s just say like one my midwives said: it is what it is.
Maternity Clothes? I’m running out.  I am down to 2 pair of jeans, a pair of stretchy black pants(yoga like), a pair of capris, and a thick maternity sweater I found at Ross.  I hope it doesn’t get too cold before I deliver.
Stretch Marks? NONE!!! The cocoa butter is still being slathered on everyday religiously.
Sleep? What’s that?  I now wake up on the hour, every hour, to pee, or change sides, or to readjust a pillow… get the point.
Best Moment this week? Getting a Boppy from my baby brother.  Who has no idea what it’s for.  When I tried to explain, I think I heard him gag!
Food Cravings?  Food, any type of food.   Oh, and the Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  Did you know they have a new Red Velvet Cheesecake? OMG!
Sex? It had better still be a boy in there!
Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks out the yin yang.  Especially when I have to pee.  Which is all the time. So………
Belly Button? Not exactly a innie, but not exactly a outee.  Very weird.
What I miss the most? Bending over from the waist.
What am I looking forward to the most? Seeing what he looks like.  Will he look as chubby and cute as I dream he will??? 🙂
Milestones? Reaching one appointment a week.  It means the end is in sight! 

My current reality
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