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I know somebody is probably getting tired of these posts but….

today I have no symptoms.



I am not peeing a lot.

I am not nauseated.

I am not super hungry.

My boobs don’t hurt.

Haven’t noticed any excessive discharge.

No dizziness.

I’m not tired.

It’s just so abrupt.

Like the last time.

I am sooooo afraid.

Soooo worried.

Am I pregnant today?


Sunday 26th of April 2009

Just breathe sweetie. Don't forget to breathe.



Sunday 26th of April 2009

You are SOOOOOO pregnant today My Friend!

*Big Giant Hug*


Sunday 26th of April 2009

Nobody is getting tired of these posts. This is what we are here for. Of course it is scary. Please keep talking to us about it. I am holding you in my heart today.


Saturday 25th of April 2009

I like what Nina said, "you are pregnant until you are told otherwise."

I was pregnant with twins and did not have symptoms some days, so it doesn't indicate anything.


Saturday 25th of April 2009

You are still pregnant, until you are told otherwise. Don't panic sweet pea. Think pregnant thoughts. Does your unit have an u/s machine or a doppler? Run over and borrow it. Only suggestions I can offer, hon. *think, think, think*