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A busy week ahead

After an extremely long day yesterday, I got a chest of drawers for Baby Dub.

My cousin(who I used to be extremely close to, but as a teenager/young adult, got on my nerves) had a chest of drawers to give away.  Now, it doesn’t exactly match the crib, but it’s close enough, it’s big enough and it’s free.

Nuff said.

She told me about it last Sunday, and called on Friday to tell me to come get it this weekend.

So, C-Dub and I got the pick up truck from my sister-in-law and waited.  And waited. and waited.

Luckily, my sister-in-law was cooking for a party and had snack food and fruit all around.  But damn, we were hungry.

So finally, after about 6 hours of waiting, we finally got the chest of drawers and got it home. 


I admit it looks nice, and now I am going to HAVE to start washing those baby clothes!!

Plus, my mom decided that she needed to finish the nursery and got the bedding set(woohoo!), and another of my long time friends sent a bouncer thingy(hey it looks cute and I know I’ll use it!)

So this will be the week I start finishing up the nursery.  I’ve got to get C-Dub to move the glider upstairs, and put together the changing table.  I found a website that sells the breast pump I want waaaaaaaay cheaper than the store.  I’ve got a list of things to buy with the gift cards I got at the baby shower.  I’ve got a fly by OB check this Wednesday.  This is going to be a busy week!!!!!

I just wish I would stop contracting. 🙁 

It’s slowing me down!!!!

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