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And Pookah too…..

Well, he got it.

Yes, my baby got my crud!!!!!!

OH NO!!! 🙁

After my last post, Pookah turned grumpy and fussy and took a three hour nap(unheard of!).  When he woke up, he was HOT!  The heat was just rolling off of him.  Took his temp: 101.6.  I gave him some Tylenol, but my hyperactive imagination had me calling the ped and getting an appointment for that afternoon.

His temp had gone down to 100.7 by the time we got there(45 minutes later).  They took some blood and did the flu test: all negative. 

Diagnosis? “Well, it may be the flu, it might be a cold.  Come back tomorrow so we can get another copay”‘(No, really, they didn’t say that, but that’s how my wallet responded).

And of course the fever raged all night long, but by the time he got to the dr the next day, his temp was down to 97.7.  Diagnosis:COLD. 

Am I relieved? Yes.  But he definitely has a cold.  The nose was stopped up all day yesterday, and still is dripping and occasionally stopped up today.  He also has a cough.  The sweetest, most pitiful cough ever!  We had the humidifier going all night long and I’ve been using saline drops to try to keep his nose clear.  I just wish they had a cough suppressant for infants!

As for me:  My fever went away and didn’t come back by yesterday.  I still have this miserable cough though.  Just awful!  C-Dub went to work today finally!  He was getting on my nerves.  He really wasn’t sick enough to stay home, but he did.  And was NO help.  I really am glad I asked my mom to come.  C-Dub is NO help.  Besides, he is more focused on his new “business” opportunity right now.  That’s what he spent most of his time focusing on.  I’ll discuss that in another post.  I’m still not sure how I feel about it.

Well, it has taken me three hours to write this post, since Pookah won’t nap longer than 10 minutes today.

Pookah turns three months tomorrow………….

More on that to come!

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