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Back in the Saddle Again…

As you all know, I’ve been failing miserably at my New Year’s goal to get moving/work out.

Well, the sickness has finally left me, and I’ve upped the motivation by signing myself and C-Dub up for the Peachtree Road Race in July. It’s a 10K.

We ran/walked it last year, and I remember that training for it really helped me get in shape overall.  Remember I got back into my skinny jeans???

So now, I’ve got a plan and I’ve got 4 months to stick with it and get into shape for this race.

I can do this!!!






Tuesday 6th of March 2012

It's great to have a goal for getting in shape. You did it last year, I'm sure you can do it. Aside from working out in the home, most of my workout comes from carrying Zee everywhere. She ditched the stroller at 18months, so I had to get used to carrying her all over the place (including our walks over the Brooklyn Bridge).