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Bootleg Stream of Consciousness…..

Nablopomo day 11:

I haven’t done one of these in a while!!  I’m not sure what the prompt is today, but I’m not going to join the linky, but do my own thing.  We’ve been house searching, and saw a few houses yesterday.   


House hunting continued yesterday, but the search may be at an end. Maybe. If the home owner accepts our offer. I LOVE the house. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.  I wouldn’t have chosen the neighborhood  but it’s in the perfect location. Almost. It’s not in a subdivision, which I ‘m feeling. i really don’t want to pay homeowner association fees any longer.  But it’s on a kind of busy street. Which really, I grew up on a kinda busy street.  From the moment we walked in, I was Like Yessssss.  I mean, the colors are off, but nothing that a few cans of paint can’t fix.  They have a dog. But if I hadn’t known, I wouldn’t be able to tell.  The house is immaculate. And after meeting the owners( two gay men) I see why. It has the same amount of bedrooms I have now, and good sized bathrooms. The kitchen is gorgeous.  The master bathroom alone says yes, move in.  It has a humongous fenced in backyard for Pookah to play in. It’s 20 minutes to my job and 35 to C-Dub’s. Except for the price. Id’ rather not pay that much. So we are going to low ball them. See what they say. *fingers crossed*


this was my 5 minutes of stream of consciousness post.  Try it.  Set a timer write for 5 minutes, don’t edit, post.




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