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Damn him.

So, the best week of my life is ending, has come to an end.

C-Dub made it that way.

Soooooooo, my hubby has a friend.  You know, that friend that you can’t stand.  That friend that you tolerate because, hey, it’s his friend?

Let’s call him Freddie Kruger, or FK for short.

So about 2 weeks ago, FK came over to the house to talk to C-Dub about a possible “business” opportunity.   He came with his new wife.( I don’t really like her, she’s shady, and I swear I know her from somewhere, but she keeps saying no….) They hop in the car and drive off. 


So C-dub comes back and……he smells.

“What have you been smoking?” I ask politely, KNOWING that he couldn’t possibly have been smoking what I think he was.

“Well, you know, they were smoking some weed, and I just took  a puff and …….”

Now, at the time, he was stressed about not having a job and all with no prospects in sight, but still.


Fast forward a couple of weeks.  He gets the part time gig on Tuesday, they ask him to take a drug test.

Can you guess where this story is headed?

Yes… no part time job.

And what about that 3rd interview on Tuesday?

I’m sorry, but…….


Obviously he wasn’t.

I didn’t say anything that Sunday.  All I did was shake my head.  He knew I didn’t like it, but at that point I wasn’t really worried about it or anything.  No prospects were in sight.

So he calls me this afternoon, sounding all pitiful about how he “messed up”.  And could I forgive him? And was I mad?

What do you think?  I just couldn’t answer him.  I had no words. 

At the time.

Fucking up is for 20 year olds! Not for 33 year old men who know better!  Not for men with responsibilities who are looking for jobs!

What am I going to do?

I was sure that all this time,God was trying to teach us something in each of our own struggles.  I didn’t know what God was trying to teach C-Dub, but I knew, he hadn’t learned the lesson.  But I thought that now, with everything coming together, that yes, he had learned what he needed to, or gone through the struggle he needed to, to get where we need to be.

I guess not.

I am so upset.

I am so hurt.

I am so humiliated.

I am so mad that I am going to have to keep working this 2nd job at the hospital. That I wil continue to be stressed out, overworked, and the only one working.  While I am pregnant.

I was soo looking forward to it, I was making plans!  Such a load had been lifted from my shoulders.  I felt so light and free! 

Damn him.

The Baby Makin Chronicles

Sunday 27th of September 2009

[...] a drink with one of his friends.  The friend who was responsible for what I’ll call “the incident” back in April when he failed that drug screen.  Hmp.  It was a drink to celebrate his [...]


Monday 20th of April 2009

Oh my goodness, I was expecting to come to your blog and read something happy since you finally did it. I'm sorry to hear you're going through it, I hope it gets better soon.

I know it's easier said than done, but try not to stress too much - that's the last thing you need right now. I'll keep you in my prayers.


Sunday 19th of April 2009

Oh Friend I'm so sorry!! I wish I would have read this sooner than today!

Men are stupid. Shug has a friend that I can't stand, so I know exactly how you feel.

With that said; I think the sermon at church this morning was for me to share with you. The sermon was "How to Bounce Back from Failure". And three things my Pastor said stick out. 1) Everything going on in our lives,God has permitted it. 2) Failure is not final. 3) My tomorrow can be greater than my yesterday.

Walk on faith Mama! I'm praying for you two. *Big Giant Hug for you & a kick in the nuts for C-Dub* ;)


Saturday 18th of April 2009

Did you knee him in the groin? You know, just a gentle reminder that if he EVER, EVER, EVER did that again, you'd see to it that he'd be having no more children? I would have. How dare he risk everything the two of you have built, take food/money/anything else tangible/affordable/etc out of your baby's mouth just to go along with the crowd? Especially when the crowd is the unwashed, un-housebroken kind. And you are a saint. I truly believe that. There would have been no head-shaking. You would have heard me 4 houses down the street. The neighbors would have thought someone was killing me, probably. Only it would have been the other way around. Bless you, honey. Bless. You. Frustration does not even begin to cover this. How dare he. I'm so pissed off for you, I'm offering to hop the next plane and knee him in the groin myself.


Saturday 18th of April 2009

Oh - that is cause for frustration. Grrring along with you...