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The Disney Princess Half Marathon


I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 24th.  Let’s let that marinate for a moment or two…….

OMG!!!  Now that I’ve officially paid my money, I have GOT to do it. I’ve GOT to train, I’ve got to run!  Cause I’ll be damn if I spent $149 and don’t do this race!  I guess this is my version of go big or go home????

Geez, why can’t I ever just take it slow????

I started thinking about this waaaay back in July when a co worker of mine stated she was going to run it and I should too. Now this co worker is always coming up with new and exciting ways to loose weight. And I thought she was crazy. Even as I was taking the training packet she handed to me….

But the idea stuck with me. And while at BlogHer is August, I happened to mention it and Mimi over at Lipgloss and Binky said SHE was going to do it.

Hmmm Disney Princess Half Marathon…..

I barely survived the Peachtree Road Race last year and that was a 10K( 6.2 miles). The Disney Half Marathon is 13.1 miles. 13.1!!!!

But the Disney will be in February( High 74) as opposed to the sweltering 90 degree heat of July.

Anyhoo, I’ve got a plan. I will be getting myself back up to being able to run three miles straight by the end of this month. Then, I will start the training program by Jeff Galloway that’s on the Disney Website on October 1st. That gives me 21 weeks to train. Or 5 months.


When I told C-Dub I was going to do it, he looked at me like I was crazy. Buuut, he agreed since I kinda sorta talked him into making this a Disney Vacation for Pookah. He’ll be three by then and this will be the prefect time to take him to the happiest place on earth! Not too hot, not too cold…not too crowded…

So, I have my shoes….I have motivation….I have the time……

Here we go…………

It's Friday................
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