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Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. I’m sorry so say that C-Dub didn’t get to do much since I was sleeping, but he spent time with his child. Isn’t that what father’s day is about? I complain about him all the time, how he doesn’t do this and he doesn’t do that. About how he complains about his me time. How he seems not to understand what I go through. But really, CDub is an awesome Dad. Whenever I see him and Pookah interacting, I can’t help be watch in amazement and joy. He loves his boy. His boy loves him. I see it in every touch, every kiss, every wrestling match, every golf lesson. Even every time they go through their own bedtime ritual. Which happens whether I am there or not. Pookah always wants his Daddy. And even though his Daddy complains, his daddy always wants him. They are one. I love the bond that has formed between the two. Sometimes I wonder if the bond would be as close if I didn’t work nights. Then, they wouldn’t have been forced to spend so much time together. They wouldn’t have gotten to know each other so well. They might still love as much, but not in the way they do. So today, on this Sunday, I salute C-Dub. because he is an awesome Daddy. And Pookah is the proof.


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