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Gluten Free Adventures: Eating out.

Sometimes, I just don’t want to cook. But finding a good place where Pookah can stick to his gluten free/wheat free diet can be a challenge.  Since Pookah is allergic to wheat, what should be spontaneous trips to eat out turn into planning and research sessions and making sure I have the epi pen just in case.  But over the last year, we’ve found a few places that are sure fire places that have gluten free/wheat free menu items.  And one of those places is….

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The Golden Corral.

Don’t judge!

Yes, I know this place is better known for the overeating that goes on there, but if you are not into overeating, you CAN find healthy things to eat there. We like to think of it as variety! Just seeing the eating carnage that goes on at tables right next to you is enough to make you have one plate.  And more importantly, we can find things that fall into the gluten free/wheat free category for Pookah to eat there.

When we go out to restuarants, I have already looked at the website for any nutritional/allergen info. Luckily, Golden Corral provides just that.  If the item has wheat in it, it’s listed. Right next to it.  Pookah can eat the baked chicken, the rotisserie chicken, the baked fish, the grilled steak and almost all the fruits and veggies.

As with any restaurant, I stay away from menu items with sauces because most of them contain some form of wheat. Like the teriyaki steak I had. If you didn’t know, most teriyaki sauces have soy sauce as an ingredient. Soy sauce contains wheat.

Wheat=anaphylaxis for my child.

No bueno.

Anyhoo.  We ventured out to Golden Corral. Pookah had fries, baked chicken, a taste of my brocolli, a bowel of peaches and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

And since he is under 3( until November) he ate free!

I always get a salad, the grilled steak and a baked potato.

CDub is on a diet. A low carb one. So he ate well too.

So basically, it was a win win for everyone.

One last thing. I KNOW that some items there can be crossed contaminated. But that would be true anywhere.  The important thing is to be aware. And to carry Bendryl and the epi pen with you JUST IN CASE!

I’ll be back next month with another restaurant where we frequently find gluten free/wheat free items for Pookah to eat.

Notice: I was NOT paid by Golden Coral for this review. AS IF!  I just thought it was worth mentioning as a place we go to to feed a person who needs/follows a gluten free lifestyle. 

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