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NaBloPoMo Day 5:Nervous

I usually don’t do politics on this here blog. So when I saw that the prompt for NaBloPoMo today was “What are your thoughts about tomorrow’s election in the United States?” I hesitated.

Four years ago on Election Day, I posted this post.

I’ve been struggling with how I feel about this election all weeekend. And it comes down to this..

I’m nervous.

I’m nervous for myself. I’m nervous for my country. I’m nervous for my way of life.

Change is coming I am sure.

But what kind of change is the problem.

It’s no big secret that I support President Barrack Obama.

But this time, there is a bigger picture.  This time, I’m voting for what I want my son’s future to look like. I’m voting for what I want MY future to look like. I’m voting for what I want America’s future to look like.

I hope you are too.


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