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New Doctors, Clean up, Getting Ready…

Since we’ve moved clear to the other side of town from where we were, I’ve been on the hunt for new doctors for Pookah. I’ve been going on recommendations from friends and doctors I work with but um, it’s hard. I still haven’t found a new pediatrician, so for now, we will be driving an hour to get to the old one. If there is an emergency, I’ll just have to bite the bullet and find an urgent care or go to the emergency room.

So anyway, I did however find a new Allergist. Pookah’s allergist belongs to a large group who have offices all over Atlanta. I chose one near my job( old job that is) and hoped for the best.

I am soooooo happy.

( he was too once he got this lollipop)

First, the office is a lot more convienent than the other one. We got called right back.( score!) and the doctor, was the nicest guy I’ve ever met.

He talked fast, but his first diagnosis was: so, he’s got asthma. I stared and said: they won’t officially diagnose him, they keep saying he’ll grow out of it. He said NOOOOOO. He has eczema, food allergies. The asthma goes with it. It’s the trifecta.  Classic.

Our visit after that seemed like a dream. I didn’t have to argue, just voice my concerns( especially about this coming spring allergy season) and he offered wonderful thoughtful solutions. In the end, we skin tested Pookah for wheat( as usual) seafood, nuts, soy, and a whole panel of indoor and outdoor allergens.

Pookah is allergic to Red Oak. Which in Atlanta, is the PREDOMINANT tree. This explains this….


Last spring.

But he is not allergic to anything new and I can now give him shellfish and nuts without being scared. 🙂

AND while he is still allergic to wheat, it seems the reaction is smaller/less than it used to be? So even though it looks worse to me, his system seems to be responding better. So the reaction he had last month was actually better. Because he didn’t get hives, or runny nose. Just the respiratory issues. So while it seemed worse to me, it was acutally better. I’m kind of surprised, but….I’ll go with it.

Anyhoo, I was sent home with lots of new meds and preventive meds. And I learned just how expensive those asthma meds REALLY are. I mean geez.


And of course, a few trees decided to bloom on Friday and my child woke up Saturday morning with puffy/itchy eyes, stuffed nose, a cough….

Thank God for Mr. Neb and the new meds. Cause I mean, just 30 minutes later, he was improving. :-).  Then, thankfully, a friend of mine was home all day with her two boys that are Pookah’s age and didn’t mind adding one more to the mix. I got three hours of me time. Which amounted to paying bills, canceling a few old memberships on the old side of town and getting my eyebrows done.

The rest of Saturday was spent frantically trying to clean up.

And I got my iphone 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it! I took a photo and DAYUM it was good. I knew there was a difference, but my GOD! LOL

I worked my first PRN shift in L&D today, and now I am getting ready for my new job that starts tomorrow.

Thank God I don’t have to be there until 930. 🙂

Anyhoo, have a great week friends. I might not be around a lot as i adjust to working every single day. PLUS next weekend, we have to go to visit the new Prince of CDub’s family. His baby brother just had a baby boy last Monday. And we have to go pay homage…..PLUS it’s my MIL’s birthday……

So in other words, see twitter or instagram or my facebook page for for updates. LOL

By the way, are you following me there?

OK, that’s enough for now! See you guys soon!




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