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I didn’t ovulate after all!  I knew something was up when my temps went steadily back down.  And then, for the last couple of days I have been swimming in EWCM.  Fertility Friend even removed my cross-hairs!  And then, this morning, my temp dropped significantly down to 96.9.  I think today is it! I have been trying to seduce my husband all day(ie putting the idea in his head that I want to have sex tonight) without being obvious that it’s baby making sex.  But, he is not taking the bait!  I think he’s getting a little down.  I am too, I’ll be leaving in 3 days.  Oh, I forgot to mention that didn’t I?  My job is sending me to Texas for 8 weeks.  That will put a crimp in the baby makin chronicles for sure.  Our vacation is in three weeks and I should be getting ready to ovulatenear the end of that week.  If we don’t catch the eggy tonight that is.  After that, it’s a crap shot. 

Well wish me luck everyone, I am about to go seduce my husband. (Sign), the things we do to get a baby…….

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