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  • There is a long list of things I want to do.  But I have no time to do them.
  • I realized the other day that CDub never compliments my photography. Specifically, he hates every photo I’ve ever taken of him.
  • And then later, when we were having a discussion about my photography in general, he said” the camera does all the work.” I almost dropped him. On the spot.
  • The funny thing is ( or not so funny) is he really doesn’t understand that he insulted me.
  • The new job is boring  I mean really. But the novelty of sitting on my butt all day and having lunch has not worn off.  I will keep it moving.
  • Speaking of sitting on my butt all day, I got on the scale last week, and the number was a number I haven’t seen since pregnancy.
  • Three words: AW.HELL.NO.
  • I’m running again, and my knees are holding up just fine.
  • I want to go to Type A Advanced in New Orleans.  It’s one day and it combines the best of both worlds: photography, blogging and my favorite city. Bliss people. Bliss.
  • But Blogalicious is the same month. hmmmmm
  • Pookah is growing up too fast.
  • Due to unexpected kindness, we are going to Disney after all this summer. Just for a day though. He’s 3 for goodness sake.
  • I made a photography bucket list, I’ll share soon.
  • I hate being a landlord. My tenant is about to drive me crazy.
  • I thought I had found another school for Pookah. But the food situation is even worse. SIGH. There were too many hoops I was going to have to jump through to bring his lunch in.
  • I’m going to have to quit the hospital soon…..after our vacation…..I’m just not interested anymore.  But I keep holding on because last time I got a different job and quit the hospital, I got laid off and had nowhere to go. So…..
  • My Dad is doing better. But he sleeps a lot.  It’s kind of disconcerting to see.  He looks almost frail. And it hurts my heart.

There’s more, but that’s all I feel like sharing for now.



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    May 30, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    So sorry for your dad I hope he gets better. Yeah that’s the thing about quitting what you have you just never know whats around the corner. I would gradually let it go maybe only do once a month if you can. Girl no one wants to be a landlord I have heard some stories good gawd. Good luck with that
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