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Nothing new. After a very short but heavy AF(2 days?) I am on to waiting to O for this 11th cycle.  I went to my General Practitioner on Friday and tried to sneak in something about TTC, but she (as usual) brushed me off and said, “That’s something you need to discuss with your OB so she can refer you to an RE”  But damn, I’m in your office now!  She pissed me off on Friday anyway, and I will not be going back to her.  I mean isn’t a doctor a doctor?  Why couldn’t she just refer me to an RE?  WTF? 

I’ve been on the message boards and someone was talking about taking soy insoflavones.  It’s sort of like clomid without the prescription and without the side effects they said.  Hmmmm. Should I try it?  I am almost willing to try anything now.  But will it do more harm than good?

Anyway, the one highlight of this weekend was Michael Phelps.  I usually just watch the gymnastics, the running and the diving with the Olympics.  But I have watched every race!  That boy is good!!!!!

Oh well, on to the gym…… helps to have something else…..but I think I am getting obsessed with that too.

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