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Random Tuesday

It’s Tuesday…….

  • I’m trying a new approach with C-Dub.  I’m on the 2nd day, and while I’m not sold yet, there have been a couple of things he could have got blessed out for that I left alone…that’s progress.
  • I’m in the process of a new cleaning schedule also.  I’m on week one, once again day two.  Yesterday was productive, today…not so much.
  • It’s amazing the difference in how much I can get done when Pookah is here vs when he is not.
  • I’m loving the cooler weather this morning.  Pookah and I actually got out of the house to the neighborhood play area.
  • The new episode of Dianasaur Train was long…and boring.
  • Pookah felt the same way.
  • I have to work tonight. And I am in charge.  Boo.
  • I really wanted another beach vacation this year, but C-Dub has to go to San Francisco for a aunt who is dying.  But I’m feeling really selfish….still.
  • But we are going to DC in October!
  • I really don’t have much else going on today.
  • I know I was jealous of my two friends the other day, but when I really think on it, both of them are actually miserable.  They just put on a good front.
  • I’m sad to say that makes me feel better.  Not that they are miserable, but it makes me look at my situation much differently.
  • I realized today that I can’t zip up my skinny jeans.
  • Sigh.
That was all the Randomness I could manage today folks!  Have a great Tuesday!

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    August 24, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Let me know how that new approach is working with the hubs. I have started to be more loving and fix my attitude towards him (he says all i do is yell and curse at him) so I have not yelled at him (notice I said yelled). Since I have fixed my attitude he has been a tad bit nicer I don’t know how long I can keep this up though. Don’t feel bad about your friends we all get a little envious at times we just have to know that even though we don’t get out now we have more time to be with our kids while they are little. No comment on the skinny jeans I don’t even think I can get mines pass my thighs.
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