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sex anyone?

I’ve been finding that it is hard to turn off TTC.  I want to. Really.  But sometimes it seems easier said than done.  I remember that last year at this time after TTC for 6 months, I took a break.  it was easy not to temp, not to stare at the toilet paper and not to count the days.

This time, I’ve caught myself checking my temp, just to see.  Or looking at the toilet paper. Just because.  Or doing an OPK today because, well, you never know……

And of course, the damn thing was positive. 

So in 12 to 36 hours, I will ovulate.  What should I do? Jump C-Dub and make like a couple of rabbits? This is hard one.  Sex is not one of my favorite topics of late.  I hadn’t realized until the last few weeks, how much my sex life has started to revolve around TTC.    I’m just not into it.  At all.  I’ve been trying to work up enthusiasm for sex.  Which is really ironic since I thought I had an extremely high sex drive.  I guess not.  I can’t work up enthusiasm at all.  I’m trying, but……it’s not working.

That being said, what should I do?  Suck it up and have sex? Of course now, I have to .  I can’t NOT have sex this weekend, now that I know.

Maybe I can drum up some enthusiasm. 

Take one or two or three for the team.

Pray for me folks.  It might be a looooooooong weekend.


Friday 6th of March 2009

Believe it or not - I have not had sex since last month when I decided to take a break. My poor DH has been drowning himself in work, working a lot of hours so that helps a lot.

I guess I was just sick and tired of TTC and IF. I don't miss it at all. I'm thinking about breaking until July or August. I know it's sad, but I've been going through it.

Good luck on whatever you choose to do - don't stress it doesn't hurt anything to take a break, even though I know that's the last thing you want to hear right now.

VA Blondie

Friday 6th of March 2009

It can be hard to turn off TTC. The first time I took a break it was really difficult not to think about it.

If you are taking a break, make it a break. If you do not feel like sex, do not have sex. Really, it is that simple, but can be difficult to let go. I have to put away the BBT thermometer, and make an effort to not care. I actually found it freeing after a while. When you let it go and relax, it can actually increase your sex drive. Just saying. That is what happened to me. Take it for what it is worth