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SOC SUNDAY:Ode to Starbucks  


Listen, we have been going Nonstop since Thursday at 730 am when Pookah woke up. I’m tired as hell. I had one good cup of coffee before I left the house and I’ve been surviving off of the stuff Disney calls coffee. I had a cup on Friday and stopped at one cup because WHY BOTHER WHEN ITS LIKE WATER?!?! I passed by a Starbucks on Main Street at the Magic  Kingdom SEVERAL times. I was drifting towards the entrance but my child kept saying FOCUS MOMMY! No coffee! ( side note: why is my addiction known to my child?!?!?) anyway I listened. I pushed through. But yesterday at  Hollywood Studios, the smell was so wonderful I was delirious. I drifted in despite the protests of the men folk. And as I was waiting in line I saw the little simple purple sign beside the coffee that means snack.
 Wait what? 

We had not used ANY OF OUR SNACK CREDITS! Disney feeds you so much who the hell needs snacks?!! 

Anyway when I got to the counter, I asked: what can I use my snack credit for? Her answer: any drink any size. 

I may have squealed. I may have moaned. I may have shed a little tear.

So I got a Venti Iced Quad Soy Vanilla Latte.

Disney really is the most magical place. 

Side note: we have 9 snack credits left 

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Sunday 29th of November 2015

I love this SOC posts! And so glad that you found Starbucks in O-town because it seems to be the land of Dunkin'.


Sunday 29th of November 2015

I was going to ask when you got back if you thought the meal plan was worth it! I guess so :-)