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Stream of Consciousness Sunday

My baby is growing up. Tomorrow, he starts pre-K.  I didn’t think they would let him start due to his birthday being in November. In Georgia, you have to be 5 by September 1st in order to start Kindergarten. Therefore, no FREE spot would let him in. But his current school stated that as long as he was 5 by December 1st, he would qualify. Soooooo. I’ll be paying for 2 more years. I’m kind of excited, but kind of sad. Because he’s going to be in REAL school Not just daycare anymore.  He’s even going to be on a different side of the building. The REAL school side. Sigh.  He’s growing up before my eyes. I miss my baby Pookah. But I love the growing up one that is learning the sounds that letters make, the one who is learning to spell his name. The one who has an opinion on EVERYTHING.  Sigh. But soon, he won’t need me anymore. He won’t want to cuddle, tell me his secrets or tell me he loves me every hour of the day.  Sigh.  I had better enjoy this while I can, even though I complain that he is like my third leg because of how attached he can be.  Sigh. I miss my little baby Pookah



This was a Stream of Consciousness post.  How to do it? Set a timer for 5 minutes. And just write what’s in your head.  Don’t edit.  Then Post. Anywhere, somewhere. Just do it.

But I added a photo afterwards. Because…that’s what I do…..




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