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Random thoughts

Thursday Randoms

I missed random Tuesday because well, I was kinda busy.  See this post.

But I’m feeling random and discombobulated today so here goes!

  • First off, here is a random photo of my Pookah bear…..

  • Blogalicious is next week and I’m not ready.  Oh, I have plane tickets, hotel reservations and a car rental.  But nothing else….Oh, I checked out what the weather would be like and made sure I could check the stroller and car seat for free.
  • Irony of irony, my Alma Mater, Howard University, is having it’s homecoming the SAME weekend. LAWD!!!What I’m gone do???????
  • AND I have to meet up with old friends and new bloggy ones ALL IN THREE DAYS. 
  • AND get all my favorite foods!(chicken wings with mumbo sauce anyone???)
  • Sigh.
  • Pookah is officially over his ear infections. YAY.
  • I have an appointment with his teacher for a “where he’s at” conference today.
  • I’m on a diet.  And I hate it.
  • C-Dub’s blackberry is dying, but I can’t convince him to get an iphone.  Why won’t he joooooiiiinn meeeee????
  • I’m becoming obsessed with photography blogs and equipment, and lens and  techniques….that being said….
  • I’m starting a new blog.  Kinda. Sorta.  Actually, it’s just a subdomain here on this blog. The name is My Life’s Photos….or Photos of My Life..or……I don’t know.  I could use suggestions for the name.  Anyone???It’s not up and running yet, but I’m working on it….#imfancyhuh?
  • I finally got the word from work that I am moving off of weekends.  So no more Saturday and Sunday for me every weekend starting the middle of November! I’m excited. Kind of.  My week will just be a bit more crammed. i will however, still be required to work a weekend shift everyonce and while.  But that doesn’t mean both. Just one or the other.  Hopefully, this helps C-Dub have a better attitude, and feel like our life has a little more balance. Now if I could just get to day shift…..
  • Well, that’s it for now folks.
  • Have a great day!

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