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Today was a good day…


I couldn’t stand it anymore. 

I finally decided to utilize those wonderful hi def ultrasound machines that reside at the RE’s office where I work.

And let me just say,

Those things are wonderful!!!!

My day started off with (TMI here) diarrhea.  The doctor that I work for made some wonderful, delicious, mouth watering, want to make you slap your mama lasagna.  It was soooooo goooooood!!!  But come morning time, my lactose intolerance to the cheese had kicked in and ……….

Lets just say it was Armageddon in the toilet.

So anyway, I pretty much felt like crap all morning long, and then, one of the ultrasound tech’s was like, when are you going to let us look at that baby???

Now, I’ve been kind of avoiding them because I reasoned, “what if they look and there is a dead baby in there?”  Then I’ll be hysterical at work. 

NOT what I wanted to go through.

But hey, I’ve been feeling pretty confident here lately.  I actually purchased something for the baby! I’ve been cleaning out the room that will become the nursery! Sooooo

Right after lunch, I marched myself down and asked for my ultrasound.

I was nervous.

She spread my belly with a ton of warm gel…….

She searched…..moved the probe lower…….and there was a…….head?????

I got a detailed look at the brain. OK. Fine. Whatever…….

Then……the spine…..wait, it’s moving!!!!!!!

Then, the profile…………look, I can see the heart beating!!!!

She puts it on speaker and ……wow, listen to the baaaaaaby!!!!

Then my little Baby Dub had the hiccups and starting moving around like crazy!  WOW!!!

We could see arms, legs, fingers and toes and I got a good look at the face!


They tried to look at the sex, but the legs were crossed.(Stinker)

We did measurements and the baby is measuring right on schedule at 14 weeks 5 days!!

C-Dub called me right after, and I told him what I was doing.  He was soooo excited!!! But then, he drops this bomb on me, “well, I guess you can find out if you want to.”

Yeah! Now I don’t have to go neutral!!!!


But anyway, that just made my day!

It’s amazing to me how well formed he/she is and how much he/she was moving!  I mean I can’t feel a thing!  But I am SOOOOOO glad everything is OK in there.

Mommy needed reassurace today.

Awwww I’m gonna be a Mommy!

I did it.....
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