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Sooooo, today was a looooooong day.

So, my “official” OB appointment.

I get there, the first appointment of the day…..and they are late.

Anyway, so I pee in a cup, get the “your pregnant” packet, and then wait in the waiting room again.

Finally, I saw the midwife, we go over my history and my weight(yes, I am gaining too fast it seems) and then we have to do a pap smear.

Sooooo, she goes to put in the speculum, and it hurts.

Wait, these things hardly ever bother me.

And then she tells me she sees a cyst on my urethra.  Oh, and I have a yeasty beastie.  GREAT.

So she recommends a urologist(huh?) and says that is probably why sex hasn’t been all that comfortable here lately.


So then, she asks if there is anything else, and I begged, pleaded for a ultrasound.

She took pity on me and I get my ultrasound.

Baby bean has gotten chunky!  I mean, he or she is definitely growing!  And a beautiful heart rate of 166 today!

Life is good.  Really!

Oh, and C-Dub got paid today, even though he just started on Monday!  I mean it was half a check! Good God, I really wasn’t expecting it, but it was great!


Friday 1st of May 2009

Oh & I like your new theme.


Friday 1st of May 2009

I'm glad you got to see Baby Bean & you're so right....Life is Good!! ;)


Friday 1st of May 2009

Yay for the bean, and yay for C-Dub, finally showing you the money!

Not so much yay on the other stuff, so I hope you feel better soon. :)