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Tomorrow, tomorrow……..You're only a day away……..

OK.  Tomorrow is it.


As you all know, tomorrow is my birthday, and my first OB ultrasound.

Tomorrow is the shit or get off the pot day,

the make or break me day.

D Day.

I couldn’t sleep last night.

I wonder how it will be tonight.

OH MY GOD!!!! I am FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!


C-Dub is going with me for moral support of course.  It looked like he might not at first because of his 3RD interview with a possible place of employment.  But, he switched it to a later time.  We will just have to go in separate cars so he can go directly there, and I can drive myself home.

At least, that’s the plan.

My heart is beating crazily in my chest.

One more day, less than 24 hours.

15 hours and 32 minutes to be exact.



Today I am pregnant, I am pregnant today.  I WILL be pregnant tomorrow.  I WILL see the heartbeat of my little baby.  I WILL have a wonderful birthday.  I WILL have a healthy and happy 9 months. 

Pray for me everybody.  Or if you don’t do that, at least keep your fingers crossed. 🙂


Tuesday 14th of April 2009

Happy Birthday Mama!!

You are so lifted in prayer right now!!



Tuesday 14th of April 2009

My fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes are all crossed for you! You don't need the luck though, because everything's going to be great!!! I can't wait to read your update, I'm on pins and needles!!!!!


Monday 13th of April 2009

First of all, happy birthday in advance. Second, GOOD LUCK TOMORROW!!! Everything will be great! You're fantastic and you deserve to see a heartbeat tomorrow. You're pregnant today! You WILL be pregnant tomorrow and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that.... well, you get the idea. :D


Monday 13th of April 2009

I will remember you in my prayers but I know that all will be well and it will be a wonderful birthday! I too got to see my little one on my birthday and it was one of the most precious gifts!


Monday 13th of April 2009

praying so hard for you. have a TERRIFIC day tomorrow, and between now and then......breathe :)