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Tomorrow, I’m going to the BIG ultrasound.

C-Dub is coming with me.

I’m excited, I’m scared. I’m nervous.

But why?  I just saw him last week, he was FINE!

But every time the ultrasound probe comes towards me, I feel this dread, this unexplainable anxiety that he won’t be there. 

I’ve got to get over this fear.  I’ve got to.

I went into Babies R Us today, to look for a baby shower gift for a co-worker. 


To say the least. 

I felt like a diabetic in a candy store.  I wanted to buy Buy BUY.

Of course, I didn’t buy anything.  Too scared.

Crazy huh?

Really, this was  a crazy crazy day.

All I can do is keep the faith.  And countdown until tomorrow.

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