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Total Me Monday

Well folks, the bad news is, when I weighed myself on Friday, I had gained 3 pounds.

The Good news is, I’m serious about getting it off, and I think I was just bloated!

I have 19, count em, 19 days until vacation with the in laws where I am expected to put on a damn bathing suit.


I purchased a lovely Tankini from TJ Maxx On Friday.  It looks  better than I thought.  But now, I am on the hunt for a one piece black bathing suit.  Because, 1. Black is always slimming and 2. It would cover up any left over problem areas.

I might head on over to * gasp* Walmart and see what I can find on the cheap.

Anyway, so I am newly committed to my weight loss/get fit journey after a hard week of being hormonal and having my mother’s buttermilk biscuits looking at me every morning from the breakfast table.


They were really good, soft, melt in you mouth biscuits…..


But anyway, I rejoined Bootcamp and I WILL be getting up at 445 am to workout because yeah frankly, that’s the only time I have to myself.  So every Tuesday Thursday and Friday, here I come.

Also, something that’s not really weight loss related, I decided that massages are a wonderful thing.  And that the Massage Envy up the street from me is excellent.  I finally got my birthday massage and afterwards, and I felt like a limp noodle.  It was woooooonderful.  So wonderful that I decided that once a month, come hell or high water, I will get a massage.

My peace of  mind needs it.  Where will I find the money? Well, according to, I spend $59 a paycheck on stupid stuff like gum and magazines….there you go.

Anyway, see you guys later!

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