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Total Me Monday

Yeah yeah yeah.

But I’m going to the gym as we speak!!!!

I’ve been trying and mostly succeeding in keeping the house clean.  But then, this week, I went back to work.

And my house now looks trashed.

I mean really.  I feel like I’m back where I started and can’t keep up!

But today starts anew, so I will start back my cleaning regimen. 

Plus, the cleaning service comes again next week. 🙂

C-Dub and I gave up fast food for lent.

I caught a glimpse of myself neekid yesterday in the mirror and was not pleased.  My belly is…….

My God, it’s got to go!

So I am off to the gym this morning.  To do something. Anything.  I’ve got to get moving. 

Goals of the week: keep a reasonably clean home( I’m not going to be perfect) and to get to the gym at least twice(gotta start somewhere!!!!)

See you guys next week!

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