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All Before 8 am…..

You ever have one of those days that everything goes wrong before 8 am.?

Welcome to my morning.

Pookah decided to wake up repeatedly between the hours of 1-3 am. Why? Who the hell knows.

After the 3 rd time, I wanted to cry. especially since that man I’m married to was rolled over on his side like he didn’t hear the child calling…..

Anyhoo, my alarm went off as usual at 5. I didn’t hear it and slept through it until 530.  I popped up, showered and dressed in record time due to laying out my clothes the night before. Thank god there was no searching through the dark for underwear in the basket of clothes that I never did get around to folding up.

side note: why are only MY clothes in this basket??? Cdub seems to have taken all of his out, folded them and just left mine there. I wouldn’t do that mess to him….

So anyway, I get downstairs and start my daily task of fixing THREE lunches.( yes, I am that mom/wife).

And I discover I have no gluten free nuggets or fish sticks for the child’s lunch. And NO CHEESE for a snack!


I then rush upstairs, warn Cdub that I’m going to the store and rush out to the gorcery store at 6am.

On my way out the door, I notice that Pookah’s Tae Kwon Do uniform is still wet in the washing machine.


In the dryer….out the door.

It took me 30 minutes to get there, do my shopping and get back.


Just as I get home, I hear the shower go on upstairs( Cdub is up) and I hear the pitter patter of little feet making their way down the stairs.

“Good morning Mama”

I am not ashamed to say I parked him in front of the TV to watch Octonauts while I fixed all of the lunches, and made his breakfast.

Cdub sails out the door looking all refreshed and happy, picks up his lunch and goes out the door.  ON TIME.

Pookah and I make it out the door 30 minutes later. Which means 45 minutes late.


And my child, with his talkative self, wants to talk me to death about EVERYTHING this morning and take his time doing EVERYTHING.

My patience is shot.

I didn’t have time for my cup of coffee like I normally do when I first wake up.

So. Dropped Pookah off, and got on the high way only to be met by the consequences of being 45 minutes late:


By the time I finally got to my exit at work, I decided that damn it, I deserved a Venti  Soy White Chocolate Mocha with a xtra shot of espresso this morning for my troubles and to calm my nerves.

And due to my Gold Card status, it was free.

Hopefully, my day gets better.

How was your morning?


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