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5 of the Best Books I Read in February

So I read 11 books in the month of February and I’m happy to say that the majority of the books were good choices. There were 2 2-star reads, the majority of them 3s and 4s but I’m happy to say I had 2 five star reads! One was the start of a series and one a genre I rarely ever read anymore so both were a surprise.

A Word On My Rating System

I’m going to leave my rating system here because people get their panties in a wad on the interets about giving books 3 stars. But I will always be honest about the books I read, even if the publisher sends me an advanced copy

5/5 stars: Couldn’t put it down, loved it. Will re-read. Will recommend to any and everyone. Will have a place on my bookshelf

4/5 Stars: A Solid book. I really really liked it. Or it or it made me think. I would recommend.

3/5 Stars:Not the best thing I’ve ever read but I finished it and most likely it was enjoyable. If someone asked, my response would be, yeah it was ok. Or, it was cute. Probably wouldn’t read it again.

2/5 stars: This is usually the lowest rating I will give. Means I didn’t really like it, but finished it because I felt I had to. Usually a book that disappoints me in some way. If someone asked I am quick to say: don’t do it.

1/5 Star: true WTH moment in reading. I usually list out the reasons why. Could be a DNF

Best Books I read in February

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