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5 Things on a Friday

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving and I’m still stuffed. So just a few thoughts on a Friday….

5 things on a Friday

  1. Was it just me, or was everyone and they mama announcing a pregnancy or showing off a newborn baby yesterday on Facebook? I have to admit it had me all in my feels. I might actually share why in another post.
  2. I’m not shopping anywhere but online. There are a few deals here and there that have caught my eye as far as stuff for this blog and for Christmas gifts for the boy. But other than that, nope. Not doing it. Miss me with that crowd.
  3. I’m a bad mom. I waited until the last possible minute( ie the day before ) to start looking for a place for Pookah’s birthday party. Right now, I’m on the wait list for one place and praying TO GAWD that they say they have a spot available. Cause that’s literally ALL HE WANTS. Is a party. THATS ALL.
  4. It’s time to officially decorate my Christmas tree. I put it up last weekend, but haven’t decorated it yet. Today is that day.
  5. I made this Shrimp and Grits Dressing from Southern Living yesterday for Thanksgiving. And it was as good as you think it was.


So that’s it for me. What are you guys up to today?