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7 reasons for couples to go to Beaches Negril…without their children.

*Our stay at Beaches Negril was a part of the Social Media on the Sand Conference. All opinions are my own. *

When we made the decision to leave Pookah at home and travel to Jamaica without him, a lot of folks looked at us like we were crazy.  But as a couple, we knew this was necessary for us. Ever couple needs that time to reboot and get back on the same page.  Beaches Negril is an all-inclusive FAMILY resort. BUT, that doesn’t mean that adults who send their kids to the kids club all day or  couples who don’t have their children with them can’t have fun. Here are

7 Reasons for Couples to go to Beaches Negril…Without Their Children


Beaches Negril is a great resort for a family vacation in Jamaica. Perfect for when you travel with kids. BUT it is also a great place for couples travel and to reconnect. Check out the 7 things for couples to do at beaches Negril Resort.  

1.Alcoholic Beverages on the Beach, at the pool, at breakfast….

10 things for couples to do at beaches negril


Listen, if I had wanted to, I could have had a nice little buzz all day every day of this trip. The helpful servers were always willing to bring you a mimosa for breakfast. They found you lounging on the beach,  there were little bars everywhere serving up drinks. We were in heaven.

 2. Naps. And Naps in a Hammock

10 reasons for couples to travel to beaches

We like that nap life. But rarely do we get a chance as parents to indulge in the middle of the day. But Beaches Negril has these wonderful hammocks placed strategically all over the resort. We took FULL advantage.

3. You can Have dinner conversation that doesn’t revolve around Mindcraft or the latest Skylander toy WHEREEVER WE WANTED.

10 things for couples to do at beaches negril



There were 9 dining options and although we tried….we couldn’t make it to them all. *weeps*. My favorite was Kimonos, a Hibachi style restaurant.  But honestly, we ate at the little Barbecue shop by the pool a lot. Their jerk chicken was good and so were the beef patties and coco bread!

4. You Can take Random Selfies Together…or try…



Because when you are vacation in paradise, that’s what you do…true?

5. You can walk along the beach at sunset and talk and talk and take even more great photos….


alone time at beaches negril

Sunset was a great time for us to just walk around, explore the property and talk. Something that we don’t get to do a lot of at home.


6. Alone time…with each other


For the last 7 years, we have rarely had a moment alone with each other other than after the child goes to bed. But Beaches Negril gave us plenty of opportunities to just BE. On the beach, by the pool, in the room, just walking around the property.

7. Do whatever YOU like to do



We love each other dearly, but thankfully, there was so much to do at Beaches Negril that we didn’t have to spend every single moment of  it together. One day, C Dub took a sailing class while I read a book on the beach. One day, I took an underwater photography class while he played pool. We could indulge in our own interests and not have to worry that the other person was bored.


We loved our time at Beaches Negril! We are looking forward to going back, this time WITH our son.  There is so much there for him to do and even though we loved our time alone together, we kept catching ourselves saying: Pookah would love that.

So the next time we go, look for my list of 7 things for Kids to do without their parents at Beaches Negril. LOL. Cause it’s coming!


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*Our stay at Beaches Negril was a part of the Social Media on the Sand Conference. All opinions are my own. *

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