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A Photography Project For You……

How was your holiday?

Hopefully  you got everything you want from Santa and are now planning out your New Year’s goals and projects.

Last year, I completed a Project 365( where you take one photo a day for a year) with my iPhone. And I learned SO MUCH from that project!


I really really want to complete a Photography project with my Canon 6D, but for some reason, just never seems to happen with JUST my Canon.

So I’ve decided this year to try a Project 52 where you take one photo a week for the 52 weeks of the year.

And I’d love for you to join me!


Project 52


Even though I am using my Canon for this project, you can use whatever camera you’d like.

And if you got a new camera for Christmas, this is the perfect way to start practicing with your new toy and making new memories and your own everyday eyecandy along the way.

The point of this project is to improve your photography. To learn, create and to have FUN!

So starting this Thursday, January 1st, I’ll share the list of prompts for the year.

And each week, I’ll remind you of the prompt for that week.

In the meantime, SHARE your images!

I would love it if you would post your images on Instagram and tag me @lashawnwiltz


Upload your photo to the Everyday Eyecandy Facebook wall!

I want this project to be a community. I want us to get to know each other through our lenses.

I can’t wait to start!

See you Thursday!


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Merry Christmas
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