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Project 52

A Ray of Light

Happy Friday.

I’ve just finished working 4 nights in a row.

I can’t explain to you the full extent of my exhaustion.

The amount of ignorance, craziness and ratchedness that I have experienced in the last few days is beyond anything I’ve ever delt with before.

Staff and Patients.

I came home this morning exhausted, just ready to throw Pookah in the car and race him to school.

But he was barely awake.

CDub was busy taking off him nighttime diaper.  I heard him ask him if he wanted to pee.

“No Daddy,”

Enter Mommy. Cdub is busy putting on a fresh pullup.

“Pookah, it’s time to go potty.”

“Time to go potty Mommy?”


My boy got up walked to the bathroom, stepped up on the step, pulled down his pull up and peed in the damn potty.

I was so proud.

After the night I had, that was a ray of sunshine in my life.

Happy Friday Everyone.
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Project 52: Week 24

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